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XECOM focuses on
designing and manufacturing high performance scroll compressors

Provide ECO Cooling & Heating solutions for Commercial & Residential Space, Food, Industry and Transportation

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Product Series

High Efficient

Refrigeration Application

XR/XF Series Scroll Compressors
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High Efficient

Air Conditioning Application

XA/XH XA/XH Series Scroll Compressors
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High Efficient

Heat Pump Application

XW/XD Series Scroll Compressors
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Refrigeration Technology Solutions
XECOM High Efficient Refrigeration Scroll Compressors cover both medium temperature refrigeration and low temperature refrigeration applications, providing total cold chain solution for food and pharmacy industry, together with our experience and expertise, helping you low down Total Life Ownership Cost, and meeting strict temperature control requirements of food and vaccine.
Air Conditioning Technology Solutions
XECOM High Efficient Air Conditioning Scroll Compressors, focusing on comfort temperature control and low sound level technology, no matter for commercial, residential, industry plant or data center, XECOM Scroll Compressors always come with excellent performance and high reliability climate technology solutions, helping you to meet high energy efficiency level and local regulation requirements.
Heat Pump Technology Solutions
XECOM High Efficient Heat Pump Scroll Compressors, customizing for different heating needs, providing low carbon and high efficiency heating solution for domestic heating, sanitary hot water, industrial drying, and agricultural drying applications, together with Vapor Injection Technology, helping you improve heating energy efficiency and low down carbon emission, and meet strict requirements of reliable heating in low temperature environment.
2022 China Refrigeration Expo, XECOM Scroll Compressor 1st Show in Chongqing
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Industrial High Temperature Heat Pump Prospect
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XECOM officially launches scroll compressors
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